Sunday, October 3, 2010

Working for tips

This is a perfect illustration of why you should never respond to crafting requests in trade chat, nor spam trade with your profession links.  I can't say it enough, "LFW" are the three worst letters in WoW if you don't want to be broke.

The person in question was looking for the Black Magic enchant.  Granted, it's a vendor sold formula, so I can't say it's particularly rare, and thus likely doesn't deserve much of a premium.  Still, said person had been spamming trade looking for this enchant for a while.  The smarter thing to do would be to create a scroll and see if he'd bite eventually.  At worst it's likely a break even proposition, but if it sells (to him or anyone else) you can bet it'll create more than 15g of value for you.

I went into this transaction with the sole purpose of posting here...normally trade should be a one-way street (i.e., used for buying, not selling), but the opportunity to snag a screenshot and prove for the umpteenth time my philosophy was too tempting.

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