Saturday, October 16, 2010

Addons in 4.0.1, my initial patch postmortem, and tips going forward

Addons in 4.0.1

With a hectic real life schedule, and general post-patch chaos of the past few days, I haven't spent much time in-game other than to capitalize on "M&S"* (as Gevlon would say).  That said, I have made a few adjustments to my addons in 4.0.1.

First, Auctioneer is out.  I've used this addon for years, but it's just too bloated and too large.  It's a huge memory hog, and I have performance issues as it is.  Most of the features don't even qualify as bells and whistles, so I've finally cut the cord.  I'll miss BeanCounter, but that's about it.

Second, ZeroAuctions and Auctionator are in.  Well, to be fair, I've used QuickAuctions3 -- and ZA is the functional replacement for it -- along with Auctionator for quite some time, but mostly as a supplement.  They are now my primary gold-making addons. 

4.0.1 Postmortem

So, how did 4.0.1 go?  Well, as with many others in the gold-making blogosphere (ugh, I do hate that term, why do I use it?), I made an absolute killing.  My scribe doesn't have much of a knowledge set, and I didn't go crazy stocking up on herbs, but between pumping out Bold Cardinal Rubies and all of the glyphs I could, I've made about 30k the past few days.  I know that pales in comparison to others, who have reported 50k+ in one day's worth of sales alone, but in my own little corner of the world I'm happy with this.

Tips for the coming week

Although my primary purpose in this blog is to present theoretical and strategic approaches to WoW profiteering (again, I will never purport to be a master of finding little tricks and flash-in-the-pan techniques), I understand that if I'm to expand my reader base I need to offer concrete suggestions.  So, with that in mind, there a few areas in which I anticipate a surge:

Herbs - highly speculative, but I suspect the latecomers looked at glyphs and went "hmmm, time to crank those out!"  So now they're buying up anything and everything...without realizing that glyph prices are crashing.  If you have a stockpile and can get good prices, sell the herbs.  Or farm them, depending on prices on your server.  In general I steer away from farming, but there could be some niche opportunities

Enchants - with players returning to test out new talents and abilities, along with preparing for Cataclysm, I've seen a boost in demand for all sorts of enchants.  The good news is that the underlying materials are still cheap, especially if auctioneers stocked up on eternals assuming the gem transmute cooldown was being removed (take that, everybody), so if you have a jewelcrafter just crank out rings/necklaces and disenchant them.  You'll have cheap mats that you can turn into scrolls to sell.  Dream shards and abyss crystals are still cheap as well, and I've found high end weapon enchants are still moving. 

Meta gems and nightmare tears - I am shorting (i.e., expecting a decrease) in epic gems, so am trying to cash in while I can.  However, meta gems and nightmare tears have been flying off the shelves.  I suspect it's related to players returning and also reconfiguring their gear. 

Hope this was a useful post.  If it was -- or more importantly, if it wasn't -- please add a comment so I can work on improving.

Happy Hunting!

*Just to save you the Google trouble, Gevlon is a prickly but entertaining blogger who runs the Greedy Goblin.  You can see his blog linked via my site, but M&S stands for "morons & slackers."  In this context, those who waited until Tuesday to address 4.0.1 needs in regards to gems, glyphs, etc. 


  1. A couple of tips on addons - Auctioneer has a beta version which works fine, although I only use the Enchatrix module. You might also want to take a look at MySales as a replacement for Beancounter.

    An alternative to ZeroAuctions is AuctionProfitMaster which integrates very nicely indeed with ScrollMaster, as you're into the enchanting market - I'm using both ZA and APM for different markets currently.

    Also, AuctionLite has just recieved an update for 4.0 so you may wanna check that instead of Auctionator - I didn't get on with it but absolutely love AuctionLite.

    Keep up with the blogging, its a great start :)

  2. I really appreciate the input, Moravec, thank you. In particular, I'll check out MySales, but will also investigate or re-visit the others.

    I also have some stylistic elements to clean up on this site, but it should start to look more professional in the next week or so.