Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A very tactical goal

I will fully admit that most of my WoW time is based on one goal (given that I haven't raided for months, PvP is dead, and everything else is stale pre-Cata), and that is to hit the gold cap.  I'm making a final push at the worst possible time.  I tried half as hard a few months ago and made gold easily, but now I'm refining my thought process and strategies just to eek out the final 45k or so I need.

Ultimately, this is highly beneficial.  I inadvertently discovered the saronite shuffle at the beginning of LK and didn't have the common sense to ride that as long as I could.  I got in, made a ton of gold, bought my mammoth, and got out more or less.  I tapped the market as needed, but was content to hover around 20k to 30k gold as needed.  It's really only the past six months I've made a passive (and now aggressive) goal to gold cap before Cata.

That said, margins are low and volume is down.  I have a few relative cash cows, but am steadfast is my desire not to fire sale.  I think that approach is wrong, and I'm willing to fall short of my goal in order to be better set for Cata and beyond.

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