Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saronite Shuffle Redux in Cata?

What I don't know could fill a library (or a blog?), but I do know that Blizz likes to repeat themselves quite a bit throughout WoW and that there are definitely observable cycles w/r/t crafting and professions.  Waaaay back before this blog existed, or many others for that matter, I found that you could prospect saronite, craft some cheapo rings, disenchant them, and sell the dust for tons of gold (back when stacks of dust would go for amounts that would make your mother gasp).  I know others did it first, and I was hardly a trendsetter in the saronite shuffle -- it would be ridiculous for me to be such a revisionist -- but it made me enough to get a Traveler's Tundra Mammoth in very casual fashion. 

My problem back then was that I wasn't greedy enough, or I was too risk averse.  I stumbled upon a real gold maker and was too stupid to capitalize fully.  I'll likely write about this topic if I participate in the upcoming JMTC blog carnival, but I was happy enough just conservatively working toward the mammoth and once I got it I stopped the shuffle.

So, flash forward the better part of two years, and I'm thinking "hmmm, what will the saronite shuffle be in Cataclysm?"  I checked out the Cata version of wowhead to just sniff around a bit, and three items.  Full disclosure on a few points here: 1) if someone has posted this on another blog before, I apologize.  I haven't seen it, but it's extremely likely someone wrote about this ages ago.  2) I've only just started researching this superficially, i.e., about 5 minutes of time invested.  3) I'm very likely wrong!

That said, the items that raised my eyebrows were:
Hessonite Band
Alicite Pendant
Jasper Ring

Now, I don't see any disenchant info, but these are BoE rings made by combining a cheap vendor item (or so the comments say) along with some uncommon quality gems that are prospected from the beginning ore in Cataclysm.  Sound roughly familiar?

This, my friends, has saronite shuffle redux written all over it.  I'll vet this further in the near future, but assuming the cycles alluded to above run their course again, keep a very close eye on things.  The initial rush won't be an opportune time, as ore will be too costly, but once supply and demand balance out a bit I'd be prepared to go all in on this.


  1. You need to put the wowhead toolip code into your blog code, so these wowhead links will show the tooltips.

  2. Thanks, Cold, I appreciate the input. After an embarrassingly long time I figured out how to add the widget, so links are up!