Saturday, October 2, 2010


In an attempt to build momentum, this post will be a bit off-the-cuff.  I'll write more about 4.0.1 in the next few days, but I really think there's going to be a glyph explosion once the patch hits.  Glyphs are now consistently pretty high on my server, and while I have a semi-equipped scribe I've never played that market as it's so incredibly time intensive.  Per my earlier post, if it takes a lot of time to yield a lot of profit, I don't think it's all that worth it.  Plus, the sheer size/scale of running a glyph house is fairly intimidating.

So.....that said, I'm priming myself to drop a decent batch of glyphs on the Tuesday of patch day.  I'll jump in and jump out quickly.  It's not a market I'm wholly comfortable with, but my investment is de minimis so I'm not concerned at all.  In fact, I'll likely try to grab cheap herbs to mill this weekend and maybe crank out 5-10 of some glyphs to capitalize while I can.

Regarding gems, I think I'm out of that market completely until the patch, and after cashing in a bit there will likely bow out until Cata has dropped.  The deposit costs aren't insubstantial, and for epics it's a flooded market.  Rares still sell ok for me, but I'm not a player who posts and cancels a lot, so it's basically a once a day exercise.  Gems just aren't that hot.

To anybody actually reading this, what are your thoughts?

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